Whether functional or fashionable, these easy add-ons can make life easier and better looking in an instance.

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Belt Buckle

No good ol' boy is complete without a belt buckle holding up his pants. Whether it be a Charlie Daniels sized round buckle, a Texan square buckle, or a more manageable size belt buckles come in many shapes, sizes, and designs. We carry designs from Montana Silversmith, Attitude Buckle, Noconna Buckles, Western Express Inc., and a few smaller, independent companies so we are bound to have something to match your needs.

Bolo Tie

A staple of Hopi, Navajo, Zuni, and Puebloan Native American cultures, bolo ties consist of a braided rope clasped at the neck with an ornament. Popular in the Southwestern states and Texas, the bolo tie is also making a comeback in the post-urban subcultures. Made in the United States with American metals, Western Express offers the finest and most unique in bolo ties. From bronze bullriding ties, silver confederate ties, Opel dress ties, and gold traditional ties, Western Express will have something for you. 

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Troxel Riding Helmet.jpg


Accidents happen, but helmets can help. Established in 1898, Troxel is recognized for its innovation in design and manufacturing of the finest equestrian headwear. Troxel helmets are SEI certified, on top of that Troxel helmets boast technologies like the Sure-fit pro fitment system which incorporates elastic straps that self-adjust to the size and shape of the riders head or the FlipFold Fit System which provides an adjustable inner liner that can be made thinner or thicker to accommodates various head shapes and hairstyles. 

Troxel not only focus on safety but also on the style of their helmets. Each helmet has a close silhouette fit and discipline-specific styles.



With aclement weather always dawning its head, Carhartt will keep you ready with their full line of work gloves. With heavy duty cotton duck work gloves for jobs requiring at thick second skin to textured and breathable high-dexterity gloves for those who can't sacrifice movement for protection. From unlined gloves designed for mild climates to fleece lined for extreme climates, Carhartt has you covered. 

But what for the ranch hand or weekend rider? Whether you are riding in heavy rain or just need some extra grip on the reins, Geier riding gloves will give you the edge on the range or in the arena. Handmade in Centralia, Washington, Geier riding gloves feature a deer hide construction and a roper design. With reinforced palms and elastic backs, these gloves were designed with the rider in mind.

And for the urban fashion icon, add a touch of class and mystique to your outfit with a pair of deer hide gloves. With supple leather and a minimalist liner, the gloves are slim fitting and contour the fingers and hands in a mysterious black. Callused, rough hands is no way to impress the future mr. or mrs. Impress them with fashionable and ultra-modern Geier gloves.


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Whether you need to block out the dust of the range, need something to clean up your messes, or just a splash of color to your outfit; bandanas have many uses. With a classic paisley design in every color imaginable or a fancier design by Pendleton, put a western dash into your wardrobe.