Additional Services

All prices/times subject to change in relation to availability. Our team has been Hat shaping, pants hemming, and boot stretching for 40 years.

Hat Cleaning

No one likes getting rid of family heirlooms or precious gems. So why part with your favorite cowboy hat just because its seen a rodeo too many?  With our deep cleaning solution, the 40 years time-tested hands of Joe Hong, and our vintage J-2 120 Volt Jiffy Steamer we can get your hat looking better than new.

Sometimes a clean hat is not enough, however. It's not just how dirty your hat looks, it's the shape and look of the hat itself. Styles change and so do your tastes. Let your favorite hat change with you. Using our vintage J-2 120 Volt Jiffy Steamer and Garve Deluxe Hat pre-electric stretcher, Joe Hong will shape and cut your hat to your style and shape. Bring in your old hat and we will evaluate the condition and explain our 4 step cleaning, steaming, cutting, and reshaping process to you. In a week's time, your hat will look better than new.

Cost: $25

Time: One Week


There is nothing worse than finding the perfect pair of jeans and finding that they are a tad long in the legs. Using our Duerkopp-adler heavy duty sewing machine and our experienced hands, we offer the finest in jean alterations. We offer this service free with every jean purchased from us but we will gladly hem outside denim, as well. With a strong single-needle lock-stitching, our stitching will stand the test of time. When possible we will use the same thread as the manufacturer and match the color to the original hem.

Cost: Free with Purchase

         $7.50 without Purchase

         $10 for Heavy Hemming

Time: One Week

Boot Stretching

Your brand new boots not fitting like they should? Squeezing on the bridge, suffocating your calf, or squishing your toes? Using a mix of our vintage Redhead Great Oak Boot Stretchers, a secret stretching formula made here in the Northwest, and our team's artisan hands we can ease the break in process for you. Bring in your boots and we will evaluate them for fit and condition. Depending on the condition of the boot and the stretch, we can get them done within the hour or by the next day. 

Cost: $10

Time: Fifteen Minutes to One Day

Boot Measuring

The only way to get the perfect fitting boot is to have the boot custom made to your feet and your feet alone. For 40 years, we have had the pleasure of measuring custom fitted Wesco and White's work boots. For the additional charge (which covers shipping and ordering costs), we will send your foot measurements and sketches to the appropriate company who will craft the boot. We will also walk you through the additional options associated with your boots such as lacing patterns, materials, and toe styles. The wait time for custom boots will vary from order to order but expect a ten to fifteen week wait period. 

Cost: $35 Dollars

Time: Ten to Fifteen Weeks