You can see and feel Pendleton's passion for quality. See it in the intricate patterns of blankets inspired by Native American designs and legends. Feel it in the softness of the lightweight, luxurious 100% pure virgin wool clothing they produce. Pendleton has been a family-owned business for 150 years, and for 104 of those years they have been weaving world class woolens in their Northwest Mills.

Their expertise and technology have grown over the years, and they have translated that experience into a host of other luxury fabrics. But their legacy of quality will never change. You can rely on a Pendleton for a lifetime of comfort and beauty.

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We carry a wide selection of Pendleton's iconic Northwest made blankets. From the festival ready motor-robes and camp blankets, the just-for-show eco-wise throws, and even blankets for the little ones in your life; whatever your adventure we've got you covered. 

All of Pendleton's blankets are hand-made, designed, and finished here in the Northwest. Most notable are Pendleton's authentic Native-American inspired designs. Each blanket is inspired by a different Native-American legend and designed by the best in upcoming artists and designers. Top it off with American wool and other fabrics and you have something that is truly Northwest born and raised.


Your towel dreams have come true. The full spectrum of Pendleton color has been brought to the bath in bath and oversized towels. With the same Native-American inspired blanket patterns stay cool at the pool, hot tub, lake, or whatever body of water you throw yourself in. Sheared on one side for luxurious softeness and looped on the other for superior absorption, these 100% cotton towels are the end all of your bath needs.

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"Indiana Jones. I always knew you'd come walking back through my door."

Whether dangling from a rope, chased by a boulder, or hating snakes Pendleton will keep that head of yours covered. Their Indiana hats are crushable, 100% woolen, and stylish. Not up for a classic Ford brown, why not mix it up with black, sandy brown, olive green, or charcoal grey?

Buy it, bury it in the sand for a thousand years, and it'll be priceless.

Coffee Mugs

Here in the Northwest we love our coffee. Nothing is better for relieving stress, doing homework, keeping you alive, or as a gift for...anyone really. With an 18oz liquid happiness capacity, Pendleton's line of coffee mugs will help you grip confidence by the handle. Dawning the same Native-American inspired designs as Pendleton's blankets or the same National Park pride, you'll keep your style and your buzz all day.

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Pendleton not only carries a wide selection of blankets, towels, and happiness recepticles; they also make clothes.

For the lumberjack, grunge superstar, or lazy day in all of us. Pendleton 100% virgin wool flannels are warm and functional, keeping you subtley stylish in all seasons.

Suns out, guns out. Well, suns gone so dawn your wool jacket with no arms. The 100% American woven wool is a perfect canvas for the Native-American inspired patterns (the same you'll find on the blankets) and will go perfectly with your Pendleton shirt.

Whatever the weather, Pendleton has got you covered head to toe.